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Services provided by us

In today’s growth oriented society technology expanding its roots in every sector. But the development sector of our country still struggling to gain access to technology for holistic growth. So we are here to provide solutions that tackle the needs of learning, skilling, and livelihood.

Product / Project Scoping consultancy
Application Development
Data Science Information & solutions
Field Level Analysis and Product Conceptualization
Customized LMS Solutions
Youth Empowerment

Our Products

Lokacart Ecommerce platform 

Lokacart helps local businesses, wholesalers, and farmers to sell their products through the e-commerce platform. It helps to build a supply chain system which is helpful for buyers to get the products at the best value and required quality and for sellers, this platform is helpful for Manage  Products and Stocks.

Ekal Prashikshan App 

Ekal Prashikshan App is built independently and indigenously by Lokavidya Technologies for ‘Ekal Vidyalaya’ and for their training program which covers 1 Lakh Rural villages all over India. It is designed for teaching, knowledge sharing, and learning as well as propagates knowledge and information from various fields and it covers big domains throughout individual users.

Vayam Water App 

The Project focuses on creating an ICT based platform for helping to address the Water Crisis in India. It has been realized through the experience of various grass-root level organizations working in the field of water, that the first step in creating sustainable water management solutions is documentation and proper planning. Along with the field organizations, it is felt that the local bodies and institutions will be able to put more directed efforts towards water conservation using the data obtained through this Platform.


LokaUdyog aims to design a digital platform that can assist in creating an ecosystem for local livelihood generation, especially in rural India. The perspective of this product is to empower people with the right skills needed for generating meaningful livelihoods. The ICT-based platform shall be a one-stop solution for skilling, getting and posting jobs, finding out the right career choices, and getting inspired.