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Special features of Lokavidya LMS…

Special features of Lokavidya LMS…
Assisted Classroom

Video conferencing with live and interactive lectures. Video conferencing can be scheduled and the students can have a live interactive lecture through this. There is also an option to record the videos. Viewable later by the students, for either revision or to go over the material if they missed it. There can be discussions between the teachers and the students on discussion forums, to facilitate the learning process.

Effortless Content Creation

We have created the LokaVidya LMS in a manner that will assist the user for effective and easy content creation. There are sufficient tools and widgets over there that help users to curate fantastic content, progressing from basic to complex. It is very easy for the teachers to create content, there are a lot of advantages. The content can be published as a video, pdf, or document.

Easy To Configure

The application is highly configurable for individual branding purposes to enable you to brand your school/university in the desired manner. The application’s setup time is negligible and it requires a very low level of customization and training for teachers and students to get started. Also, the UI of the application is user-friendly and offers outstanding creativity.

End to end delivery

Live courses are supported through two different channels where there is an option to share the screen, whiteboard, and enter the texts as well which leads to a more collaborative experience. The teacher hands out quizzes and assignments that could be autogenerated too.

Hybrid Delivery Management System

LokaVidya LMS is India’s first and only Hybrid Delivery Management System, this means that there is a mixture of online and offline learning which is more fun when compared to just online or offline learning,

In Video Quizzes

There are many benefits to having in-video quizzes. They allow the student to reflect on the material they have studied and allow the teacher to assess the students in the class and the understanding they have regarding the course. In-video quizzes promote active learning which leads to long-term memory retention of the study materials, too.

Integration with Existing System

The system can be easily integrated with other systems the institution is using or with third-party systems. This could be for a photo, video, pdf upload, or a document upload

Pay Per Use

This model allows the user to pay only for the amount they have used; this efficient model saves a lot of money and resources.

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